Optokinetic drum tilt hastens the onset of vection-induced motion sickness.

  title={Optokinetic drum tilt hastens the onset of vection-induced motion sickness.},
  author={Andrea Bubka and Frederick Bonato},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={74 4},
BACKGROUND Under optokinetic drum conditions, a stationary participant views the patterned interior of a rotating drum. Quickly, most participants perceive illusory self-rotation in the direction opposite to the drum's true rotation (vection). It has been documented that up to 60% of participants experience motion sickness-like symptoms under optokinetic conditions perhaps because of conflicting sensory information from the visual and vestibular systems. METHODS Keeping rotation speed… CONTINUE READING

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Static and dynamic autonomic response with increasing nausea perception.

Aviation, space, and environmental medicine • 2011
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