Optogenetic probing of functional brain circuitry

  title={Optogenetic probing of functional brain circuitry},
  author={J. Mancuso and J. Kim and Soojung Lee and S. Tsuda and N. Chow and G. Augustine},
  journal={Experimental Physiology},
  • J. Mancuso, J. Kim, +3 authors G. Augustine
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Experimental Physiology
  • Recently developed optogenetic technologies offer the promise of high‐speed mapping of brain circuitry. Genetically targeted light‐gated channels and pumps, such as channelrhodopsins and halorhodopsin, allow optical control of neuronal activity with high spatial and temporal resolution. Optogenetic probes of neuronal activity, such as Clomeleon and Mermaid, allow light to be used to monitor the activity of a genetically defined population of neurons. Combining these two complementary sets of… CONTINUE READING
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