Opto-mechanical parameters of liquid crystals elastomers with carbon nanotubes

  title={Opto-mechanical parameters of liquid crystals elastomers with carbon nanotubes},
  author={N{\'u}ria Torras and Kirill Zinoviev and Carlos J. Camargo and Humberto Campanella and Jaume Esteve and E M Campo and Jean E Marshall and Eugene M. Terentjev},
  booktitle={NanoScience + Engineering},
We characterize the monodomain nematic liquid crystal elastomers enriched with the carbon nanotubes (LCE-CNT composites) with the purpose of general understanding the fundamentals of their mechanical actuation behavior when illuminated by light and with the final objective to facilitate the design of photo-actuators based on LCE-CNTs. The parameters like absorption spectra and absorption coefficients of the material as a function of CNTs concentration have been studied. Temperature-induced… CONTINUE READING


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