Optimum binary search trees

  title={Optimum binary search trees},
  author={Donald Ervin Knuth},
  journal={Acta Informatica},
  • D. Knuth
  • Published 1 March 1971
  • Computer Science
  • Acta Informatica

Optimal Binary Search Trees

This article formalizes recursive algorithms for the construction of optimal binary search trees given fixed access frequencies with the help of an AFP entry for memoization, thus yielding dynamic programming algorithms.

Speeding up Coarse Grain Multicomputer Based Parallel Algorithm for Optimal Binary Search Tree by Minimizing Idleness of Processors

  • Vianney Kengne TchendjiJ. Myoupo
  • Computer Science
    2017 IEEE 19th International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; IEEE 15th International Conference on Smart City; IEEE 3rd International Conference on Data Science and Systems (HPCC/SmartCity/DSS)
  • 2017
This paper revisits a former work on a CGM-based parallel algorithm for Optimal Binary Search Tree problem and improves the communication protocol in order to minimize idleness of processors and consequently improve the execution time.

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A Dynamic Programming Approach To Length-Limited Huffman Coding

There is a simple Dynamic-Programming (DP) method that solves the problem with the same time and space bounds and is applicable to many other problems modeled by DPs with the Monge property.

A new genetic approach to construct near-optimal binary search trees

Strategies for Searching with Di erent AccessCostsEduardo

It is proved that the cost of an optimal search tree is bounded above by 4C ln(1 + n), where C = P n i=1 ci, and it is shown the this upper bound is asymptotically optimal.

Prefix Coding under Siege

A novel lossless source coding paradigm applies to problems in which a vital message needs to be transmitted prior to termination of communications, as in Alfr éd Rényi’s secondhand account of an

The optimal binary search tree for Andersson's search algorithm

This paper shows that the optimal binary search tree for Andersson's search algorithm can be computed inO(nlogn) time using existing algorithms for the special case of zero successful access frequencies, such as the Hu-Tucker algorithm.



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A parsing algorithm which seems to be the most efficient general context-free algorithm known is described. It is similar to both Knuth's LR(k) algorithm and the familiar top-down algorithm. It has...

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This paper gives a theoretical treatment of several properties which describe certain variable-length binary encodings of the sort which could be used for the storage or transmission of information.

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A contribution to the development of ALGOL

The main changes were: (1) verbal improvements and clarifications, many of which were kindly suggested by recipients of the original draft; (2) additional or altered language features, in particular the replacement of tree structures by records as proposed by the second author.