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Optimum Planning of Hybrid Energy System using HOMER for Rural Electrification

  title={Optimum Planning of Hybrid Energy System using HOMER for Rural Electrification},
  author={Bhuiyan M.A.M. and A. Deb and A. Nasir},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
large proportion of the world's population lives in remote rural areas that are geographically isolated and sparsely populated. This paper discussed the efficient system of sustainable renewable energy for domestic use and its total cost for the off-grid area; taking Sandip-para as model which is in Raujan upzila of Chittagong district. Method of this paper is collecting the basic data of solar radiation, wind speed and other required input data, and then hybrid optimization. Simulation model… Expand
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A large proportion of the world's population lives in remote rural areas that are geographically isolated and sparsely populated. This paper proposed a hybrid power generation system suitable forExpand
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