Optimizing the technique of embryo transfer.


OBJECTIVE To review currently available literature on various technical aspects of the ET procedure. DESIGN Publications related to ET technique were identified using PubMed and Medline. RESULT(S) Numerous technical aspects of the ET procedure have been studied to determine their effect on pregnancy outcome. Although much of the published data that evaluates these factors is conflicting or confounded, good and consistent evidence does appear to support the following: optimizing the "ease" of the transfer, ultrasound guidance, and soft catheters. Limited evidence also supports trial transfers, removal of cervical mucus, deposition of embryos in the midportion of the uterus, avoiding negative pressure from the catheter, and completion of the procedure in a timely manner. CONCLUSION(S) Although there is no consensus on the optimal technique of ET, there is evidence that certain methods in the ET are associated with improved outcomes after IVF.

DOI: 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2010.03.030
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