Optimizing the formulation of e-glass fiber and cotton shell particles hybrid composites for their mechanical behavior by mixture design analysis

  title={Optimizing the formulation of e-glass fiber and cotton shell particles hybrid composites for their mechanical behavior by mixture design analysis},
  author={M. Annamalai and R. Ramasubbu},
  journal={Materiali in Tehnologije},
The purpose of this work is to create and examine the mechanical properties of an eco-friendly, low-cost natural fiber filled with glass-fiber-reinforced polymer composite. Cotton shell (CS) particles are a less expensive natural fiber material that can be used as filler, integrated with glass fiber in epoxy-resin matrices. By keeping the optimized resin weight as a constant (75 % of mass fractions), six composites C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6 of different weight percentages of glass fiber and the… Expand
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