Optimizing the dynamical behavior of a dual-frequency parametric amplifier with quadratic and cubic nonlinearities

  title={Optimizing the dynamical behavior of a dual-frequency parametric amplifier with quadratic and cubic nonlinearities},
  author={Amit Dolev and Izhak Bucher},
  journal={Nonlinear Dynamics},
The paper describes a novel parametric excitation scheme that acts as a tunable amplifier by controlling two pumping signals and two nonlinear feedback terms. By modulating the stiffness of a mechanical oscillator with a digital signal processor, low-frequency inputs are projected onto a higher resonance frequency, thus exploiting the natural selective filtering of such structures. Described is an optimized dual-term nonlinear stiffness resonator that enhances the input signal level and the… 

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On the Discretization of Distributed-Parameter Systems with Quadratic and Cubic Nonlinearities

Approximate methods for analyzing the vibrations of an Euler--Bernoulli beam resting on a nonlinear elastic foundation are discussed. The cases of primary resonance (Ω ≈ Ωn) and subharmonic resonance