Optimizing footwear for older people at risk of falls.

  title={Optimizing footwear for older people at risk of falls.},
  author={Jasmine C Menant and Julie R Steele and Hylton B. Menz and Bridget J. Munro and Stephen R. Lord},
  journal={Journal of rehabilitation research and development},
  volume={45 8},
Footwear influences balance and the subsequent risk of slips, trips, and falls by altering somatosensory feedback to the foot and ankle and modifying frictional conditions at the shoe/floor interface. Walking indoors barefoot or in socks and walking indoors or outdoors in high-heel shoes have been shown to increase the risk of falls in older people. Other footwear characteristics such as heel collar height, sole hardness, and tread and heel geometry also influence measures of balance and gait… CONTINUE READING