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Optimizing Energy Consumption in WSN using Clustering and SPIN Protocol

  title={Optimizing Energy Consumption in WSN using Clustering and SPIN Protocol},
  author={Saiyed Faiayaz Waris and Ajeet Kumar Singh},
Conservation of energy has been an important issue in wireless sensor networks that is made of tiny sensor nodes with little power, memory and computation power. Restricted resources of the network require mechanism that can efficiently communicates information from sensor nodes to sink. Many existing clustering protocols are there to transfer sensed data from sensor nodes to cluster head and then to sink. Sensor nodes exhaust more energy in communication compared to sensing and computation… 

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Energy efficient cluster based routing protocol (EECBRP) for Wireless Sensor Network

  • Sohini RoyAyan Kumar Das
  • Computer Science
    2014 First International Conference on Networks & Soft Computing (ICNSC2014)
  • 2014
Simulation result proves that the proposed protocol (EECBRP) performs more efficiently than Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Clustered Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network (EEHC) and Smart Cluster Head Selection Scheme for Clustering Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks (SCHS).

Energy efficient clustering algorithm for WSN

  • PrernaSanjay Kumar
  • Computer Science
    2015 2nd International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN)
  • 2015
The proposed routing algorithm is based on static clustering concept and dynamic cluster heads selection technique, which divides the entire network area into a number of fixed regions, and outperforms its counterpart routing protocols LEACH, LEACH-C and DR protocol in terms of network connectivity and power consumption.

A Balanced Energy-Efficient Multihop clustering scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

A novel algorithm based on HEED, named the Balanced Energy-Efficiency (BEE) clustering algorithm, is proposed, which can guarantee the network coverage for a longer time, compared with HEED and LEACH.

SPIN with Cluster for Data Centric Wireless Sensor Networks

Simulation shows proposed protocol exhibits significant performance gains over the LEACH for lifetime of network and guaranteed data transmission and the effect over the energy consumption after uses of clustering.

A modified SPIN for wireless sensor networks

A modified version of SPIN protocol named M-SPIN is proposed and its performance is compared with traditionalSPIN protocol using broadcast communication, which is a well known protocol as benchmark and finds that, M- SPIN exhibits significant performance gains than traditional SPIN routing.

Energyefficient edge-based network partitioning scheme for wireless sensor networks

  • In Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI),
  • 2013