Optimized mismatch shaping for an RF-DAC based OFDM transmitter

  title={Optimized mismatch shaping for an RF-DAC based OFDM transmitter},
  author={Bastian Mohr and Niklas Zimmermann and Bjorn Thorsten Thiel and Renato Negra and Stefan Heinen},
  journal={Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International NEWCAS Conference 2010},
This work presents an element selection logic (ESL) for a radio frequency digital to analog converter (RF-DAC) based multistandard transmitter in 65 nm CMOS. After introducing the transmitter system and the basics of mismatch shaping, the ESL is applied to an OFDM transmitter. The design is optimized with respect to the signal properties and synthesis is done for the mentioned CMOS technology. Simulation results show a significant improvement of the signal quality in the desired band.