Optimized methods for imaging membrane nanotubes between T cells and trafficking of HIV-1.

  title={Optimized methods for imaging membrane nanotubes between T cells and trafficking of HIV-1.},
  author={Stefanie Sowinski and Juha-Matti Alakoskela and Clare Jolly and Daniel M. Davis},
  volume={53 1},
A wide variety of cell types, including immune cells, have been observed to frequently interact via transient, long-distance membrane connections. However, considerable heterogeneity in their structure, mode of formation and functional properties has emerged, suggesting the existence of distinct subclasses. Open-ended tunneling nanotubes allow for the trafficking of cytoplasmic material, e.g. endocytic vesicles, or the transmission of calcium signals. Closed-ended membrane nanotubes do not… CONTINUE READING
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