Optimized gene synthesis and high expression of human interleukin-18.

  title={Optimized gene synthesis and high expression of human interleukin-18.},
  author={Ailian Li and Zenichiro Kato and Hidenori Ohnishi and Kazuyuki Hashimoto and Eiji Matsukuma and Kentaro Omoya and Yutaka Yamamoto and Naomi Kondo},
  journal={Protein expression and purification},
  volume={32 1},
Human interleukin-18 (hIL-18), originally known as an IFN-gamma-inducing factor, is a recently cloned cytokine that is secreted by Kupffer cells of the liver and by stimulated macrophages. We have previously established a method of expression and purification of IL-18. The yield however remains low and the insufficient expression of a heterologous protein could be due to skewed codon usage between the expression host and the cDNA donor. The sequence of mature hIL-18 has 37 a.a. rare codons for… CONTINUE READING

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