Optimized design of permanent magnet brushless DC motor for ceiling fan applications

  title={Optimized design of permanent magnet brushless DC motor for ceiling fan applications},
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Design of 6S8P axial flux permanent magnet brushless DC motor with double-sided rotor

Electric motors developed rapidly in this decade. That is because electric motors have many advantages over conventional engines. The types of electric motors also vary, from low rated power to high

Comparatıve analysis of the magnet effects on the permanent magnet BLDC motor performance used in electric vehicles

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Power MOSFETs are widely used in circuit design, such as AC signal amplifiers, DC signal amplifiers, digital signal amplifiers, wireless signal amplifiers, power drive controllers, DC-AC inverters



No-Load Performance Analysis of Brushless DC Machines With Axially Displaceable Rotor

The cause of the flux components due to the stator/rotor misalignment and the dependence of back-electromotive-force waveforms on the axial rotor position are investigated by using 3-D finite-element method (FEM) analysis, where the effects of the end-winding geometry and design are taken into account.

FE Analysis and Computer-Aided Design of a Sandwiched Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor

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Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling of a Single-Phase Permanent-Magnet Brushless DC Motor Using 2-D Static Finite-Element Results

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A New Cost Effective Sensorless Commutation Method for Brushless DC Motors Without Phase Shift Circuit and Neutral Voltage

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Development of new structure of brushless DC servo motor for ceiling fan

The improvements of the new structure of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor for the ceiling fan is proposed, which can be saved at least 50% when the new type motor is compared to the conventional fan based on the induction motor.