Optimized Method for Tracking of Data Leaving the Cloud Environment


Information security in the digital world is the biggest concern in these days. And as the cloud computing is also a part of this digital computing so these concerns also adhered with this new era of technology. As the Data and Information leakages out of the cloud computing environments are the fundamental cloud security concerns for both cloud consumer and cloud service providers. A literature survey of this new technology revealed the security issues of current technology and need for a new methodology. In this paper we discusses the requirements and proposes a novel auditing methodology that enables tracking of data transferred out of the Clouds and if something has wrong happened so will be able to retrieve the previous status of their data so in that case data and information is secured at both ends i.e. consumer and service provider. This research get benefited to the owner of the data so that they sure to keep their data into the cloud. KeywordsCloud computing Security Challenges, Data tracking, Cryptography.

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