Optimization of the enzymatic hydrolysis of mussel meat.

  title={Optimization of the enzymatic hydrolysis of mussel meat.},
  author={Vanessa M{\'a}ximo de Brito Silva and Kil Jin Brandini Park and Miriam Dupas Hubinger},
  journal={Journal of food science},
  volume={75 1},
UNLABELLED Mussel meat was subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis using Protamex. The relationship of temperature (46 to 64 degrees C), enzyme : substrate ratio (0.48% to 5.52%), and pH (6.7 to 8.3) to the degree of hydrolysis were determined. The surface response methodology showed that the optimum conditions for enzymatic hydrolysis of mussel meat were pH 6.85, temperature 51 degrees C, and enzyme : substrate ratio of 4.5%. Under these conditions a degree of hydrolysis of 26.5% and protein… CONTINUE READING