Optimization of the Preparation Process for an Oral Phytantriol-Based Amphotericin B Cubosomes

  title={Optimization of the Preparation Process for an Oral Phytantriol-Based Amphotericin B Cubosomes},
  author={Zhiwen Yang and Xinsheng Peng and Yinhe Tan and Meiwan Chen and Xingqi Zhu and Meizhen Feng and Yuehong Xu and ChuanbinWu},
In order to develop an oral formation of Amphotericin B (AmB) using phytantriol(PYT-) based cubosomes with desirable properties, homogenization conditions were firstly investigated to determine their effects on the morphological and dimensional characteristics of cubosomes. Under the optimized homogenization conditions of 1200 bar for 9 cycles, cubosomes with reproducible, narrow particle size distribution and a mean particle size of 256.9 nm± 4.9 nm were obtained. The structure of the… CONTINUE READING


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