Optimization of plant nutrition using non-traditional organic fertilizers and zeolite-containing tripoli

  title={Optimization of plant nutrition using non-traditional organic fertilizers and zeolite-containing tripoli},
  author={Ivan Petrovich Eliseev and L. G. Shashkarov and O A Vasiliev and Lyudmila Valeryevna Eliseeva and Eduard Mitrofanov},
  journal={IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science},
The problem of conservation and reproduction of soil fertility by using unconventional organic fertilizers, particularly the replacement of the mineral nitrogen fertilizer to its organic form is discussed. The growth of the livestock industry lays the groundwork for the recovery of meat processing industry waste of horned ungulate crumbs (HAC) as fertilizer for inter-tilled crops. HAC contains about 14% nitrogen. Experiments on the application of HAC as a nitrogen fertilizer and sorption-type… 
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