Optimization of desferrioxamine E production by Streptomyces parvulus.

  title={Optimization of desferrioxamine E production by Streptomyces parvulus.},
  author={T. Gall and G{\'a}bor Lehoczki and G. Gy{\'e}m{\'a}nt and T. Emri and Z. M. Szigeti and G. Balla and J. Balla and I. P{\'o}csi},
  journal={Acta microbiologica et immunologica Hungarica},
  volume={63 4},
  • T. Gall, Gábor Lehoczki, +5 authors I. Pócsi
  • Published 2016
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Acta microbiologica et immunologica Hungarica
  • Siderophores are produced by a number of microbes to capture iron with outstandingly high affinity, which property also generates biomedical and industrial interests. Desferrioxamine E (DFO-E) secreted by streptomycetes bacteria can be an ideal candidate for iron chelation therapy, which necessitates its cost-effective production for in vitro and animal studies. This study focused on the optimization of DFO-E production by Streptomyces parvulus CBS548.68. Different combinations of various… CONTINUE READING
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