Optimization of automated gas sample collection and IRMS 1 analysis of δ 13 C of CO 2 in air 2

  title={Optimization of automated gas sample collection and IRMS 1 analysis of δ 13 C of CO 2 in air 2},
  author={Matthias J. Zeeman and Roland A. Werner and Werner Eugster and Rolf T W Siegwolf and G{\"u}nther Wehrle and Joachim Mohn and Nina Buchmann},
9 The application of 13C/12C in ecosystem–scale tracer models for CO2 in air requires accurate mea10 surements of mixing ratios and stable isotope ratios of CO2. To increase measurement reliability and 11 data intercomparability as well as to shorten analysis times, we have improved an existing field sampling 12 setup with portable air sampling units and developed a laboratory setup for analysis of δ 13C of CO2 in 13 air by isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS). The changes consist of (a… CONTINUE READING


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