Optimization of Tablet Formulations Based on Starch/Lactose Granulations for Use in Tropical Countries

  title={Optimization of Tablet Formulations Based on Starch/Lactose Granulations for Use in Tropical Countries},
  author={C. E. Bos and G. K. Bolhuis and Coenraad F. Lerk},
  journal={Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy},
AbstractSeveral granulations consisting of α-lactose monohydrate 200 mesh and native starch (corn, potato, rice or tapioca) were prepared. The influence of starch concentration, storage temperature and relative humidity on the physical properties of the tablets prepared from these granulations was estimated. Two granulations, which resulted in tablets with adequate initial values of crushing strength and disintegration time and with an acceptable physical stability were selected as standard… 
Studies on Formulation Development of Mucoadhesive Sustained Release Itraconazole Tablet Using Response Surface Methodology
Optimum combination of polymers was arrived at which provided adequate bioadhesive strength and fairly regulated release profile and the experimental and predicted results for optimum formulations were found to be in close agreement.
A Comparative Study of Different Brands of Cetirizine Hydrochloride Tablets Available in Karachi, Pakistan
The analysis and evaluation of various pharmaceutical parameters, i.e. thickness, hardness, weight variation, disintegration and dissolution, on different brands of cetirizine hydrochloride tablets available in the local market can conveniently give a general survey of different brands.
Chemometrical aspects of quality in pharmaceutical technology
  • J. Boer
  • Materials Science
    Pharmacy World and Science
  • 2005
The mixture optimization part of the formulation optimization and its robustness against errors in the mixture concentration settings were considered and should ideally be robust enough to be immune to the mentioned sources of error.
Optimization study on the formulation of roxithromycin dispersible tablet using experimental design
This study has demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of using a systematic formulation optimization process to develop the tablet formulation of roxithromycin dispersible tablet with limited experiment.
Formulation development and optimization of Ibuprofen tablets by direct compression method.
The variation of weight among the tablets of F-6 was least which showed best ratio of excipients in the formulation, and Optimization has proven as an effective tool in product development.
Optimization of polylactic-co-glycolic acid nanoparticles containing itraconazole using 23 factorial design
This study investigated the utility of a 23 factorial design and optimization process for polylactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) nanoparticles containing itraconazole with 5 replicates at the center of
Evaluation and comparison of different brands of domperidone tablets available in Karachi, Pakistan.
All brands of Domeperidone have comparative dissolution profiles and the results of similarity factor (f2) showed that all brands of Domperidones have comparative dissolved profiles.
Optimization of a Reconstitutable Suspension of Rifampicin Using 24 Factorial Design
In this study 24 factorial design associated with surface response methodology was used to develop and optimize a reconstitutable suspension of rifampicin. The study illustrated the effect of the
Certrizine hydrochloride is an orally administered drug used as antihistaminic with almost no sedation. The analysis done can conveniently give a general survey of different brands of cetrizine


Pharmaceutical dosage forms : tablets
"Principles of Improved Tablet Production System Design, Garnet E. Peck, Neil R. Anderson, and Gilbert S. Banker Coating of Pharmaceutical Solid-Dosage Forms, Stuart C. Porter and Charles H. Bruno