• Biology
  • Published 2011

Optimization of SSR-PCR System for C.oleifera

  title={Optimization of SSR-PCR System for C.oleifera},
  author={Fan Xiao-ning},
[Objective]The research aimed to optimize the reaction system of C.oleifera.[Method]The genomic DNA extracted from 1eaves of C.oleifera with an improved method of CTAB was applied to optimize the SSR-PCR system.The 4 levels of 5 factors(Taq DNA polymerase,DNA,dNTPs concentration,primers concentration,and Mg2+ concentration) in SSR-PCR system were selected by L16(45) orthogonal design.The electrophoresis profiles of SSR-PCR were analyzed by software DPS.The annealing temperature of SSR-PCR… CONTINUE READING