Optimization of Radio Frequency Heating of In-shell Eggs through Finite Element Modeling and Experimental Trials

  title={Optimization of Radio Frequency Heating of In-shell Eggs through Finite Element Modeling and Experimental Trials},
  author={Satyanarayan R. S. Dev and Shrikalaa Kannan and Yvan Gariepy and G. S. Vijaya Raghavan},
Considering Radio Frequency (RF) heating as a viable alternative for the in-shell heating of eggs, Finite Element Modeling and simulation of RF heating of in-shell eggs at 27.12 MHz were carried out to assess the feasibility and heating uniformity of the process. According to the recommendations of USDA-FSIS for the pasteurization of eggs, egg white must be heated up to 57.5◦C, and the egg yolk has to be heated up to 61.1◦C for 2 min. The objective of the simulation was to determine the… CONTINUE READING
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