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Optimization of Plastic Injection Molding Process by Combination of Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

  title={Optimization of Plastic Injection Molding Process by Combination of Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm},
  author={Meiabadi Mohammad Saleh and Vafaee Sefat Abbas and Sharifi Fatemeh},
  journal={Journal of Optimization in Industrial Engineering},
Injection molding is one of the most important and common plastic formation methods. Combination of modeling tools and optimization algorithms can be used in order to determine optimum process conditions for the injection molding of a special part. Because of the complication of the injection molding process and multiplicity of parameters and their interactive effects on one another, analytical modeling of the process is either impossible or difficult. Therefore Artificial Neural Network (ANN… Expand
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Determination of the optimal processing conditions in plastic injection molding using computer-aided engineering, artificial neural network model, and genetic algorithm
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2007).Optimization of injection molding process parameters using combination of artificial neural network and genetic algorithm method
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