Optimization of O2/CH4 to oxide methane at 823 K by alumina-ceria supported Pt catalysts

  title={Optimization of O2/CH4 to oxide methane at 823 K by alumina-ceria supported Pt catalysts},
  author={I. Elizalde-Mart{\'i}nez and Rom{\'a}n Ram{\'i}rez-L{\'o}pez and Fabi{\'a}n S. Mederos-Nieto and M. C. Monterrubio-Badillo and Rub{\'e}n V{\'a}zquez Medina and Mar{\'i}a E. Manr{\'i}quez-Ram{\'i}rez},
  journal={Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis},
Methane oxidation was carried out in presence of synthetized Pt/Al2O3–CeO2 catalysts with ceria contents between 1 and 37 mol%, at 823 K, 52,000 h−1 of GHSV, by varying the oxygen concentration from a deficient concentration respect to methane (1 mol:1 mol) up until a 100% excess over the stoichiometric (4 mol:1 mol). The catalysts were characterized by TGA, N2 sorption, XRD, TPR, UV–Vis, TPD-NH3, and ICP for elemental composition, while methane conversion was followed by gas chromatography. It… Expand


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