Optimization of Fermentation Condition for Indole Acetic Acid Production by Pseudomonas Species

  title={Optimization of Fermentation Condition for Indole Acetic Acid Production by Pseudomonas Species},
  author={Nagarajan Balaji and S. S. Lavanya and S. Muthamizhselvi and Krishnamurthi Tamilarasan},
Production of Indole Acetic acid (IAA) by Pseudomonas sp. using basal media with effect of various carbo n and nitrogen sources and environmental conditions was s tudied. The effect of L-tryptophan concentration was studied and the highest yield of 170 μg/ml on 48 hr was obt ained using 0.5% concentration. The effect of various carbon sources such as glucose, starch, lactose, cellulose and glycerol was studied. The best yield of 190 μg /ml was obtained with the medium supplemented 2% of glycero… CONTINUE READING


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