Optimising the design of gas microstrip detectors for soft X-ray detection

  title={Optimising the design of gas microstrip detectors for soft X-ray detection},
  author={J. A. Mir and J. E. Bateman and Rob Barlow and G. E. Derbyshire and Rw Stephenson},
  journal={2001 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record (Cat. No.01CH37310)},
  pages={951-955 vol.2}
  • J.A. Mir, J.E. Bateman, +2 authors Rw Stephenson
  • Published in
    IEEE Nuclear Science…
  • This report describes development work in which systematic changes in the electrode pattern of a gas microstrip detector are explored in the search for higher avalanche gains and enhanced stability. It is found that the width of the cathode structure is the main determinant of the detector stability. With the correct cathode width, gas gains of >50 000 are comfortably attainable with low detector noise so that X-rays can potentially be detected down to the limit of a single X-ray produced… CONTINUE READING

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