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Optimisation of essential oil yield and zerumbone content in zingiber zerumbet extract using hydrodistillation process

  title={Optimisation of essential oil yield and zerumbone content in zingiber zerumbet extract using hydrodistillation process},
  author={Amirah Azelan Noor and Aziz Ramlan and Hasham Rosnani},
  journal={Chemical engineering transactions},
The optimisation of zerumbone content in essential oil of Zingiber zerumbet was investigated using hydrodistillation extraction method. The extractions were carried out to identify the optimum condition of the processing parameters (solvent-to-solid loading ratio, particle size and time) on the essential oil and zerumbone recovery. The extraction variables (solvent-to-solid ratio, particle size and time), on the other hand, were optimised by central composite design. The optimum conditions of… Expand

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