Optimisation of diamond quantum processors

  title={Optimisation of diamond quantum processors},
  author={YunHeng Chen and Sophie Stearn and Scott Vella and Andrew Horsley and Marcus W. Doherty},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
Diamond quantum processors consisting of a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre and surrounding nuclear spins have been the key to significant advancements in room-temperature quantum computing, quantum sensing and microscopy. The optimisation of these processors is crucial for the development of large-scale diamond quantum computers and the next generation of enhanced quantum sensors and microscopes. Here, we present a full model of multi-qubit diamond quantum processors and develop a semi-analytical… 
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A. A. Wood, ∗ R. M. Goldblatt, R. P. Anderson, L. C. L. Hollenberg, 3 R. E. Scholten, and A. M. Martin School of Physics, University of Melbourne, Parkville Victoria 3010, Australia La Trobe
Room-temperature control and electrical readout of individual nitrogen-vacancy nuclear spins
This demonstration is a step towards diamond quantum devices with a readout area limited by inter-electrode distance rather than by the diffraction limit, which could enable the development of electronic quantum processors based on the dipolar interaction of spin-qubits placed at nanoscopic proximity.


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The source of noise during quantum gate operation is characterized and strategies to suppress the effect of these are demonstrated to achieve high control fidelities in a universal set of logic gates in a nitrogen-vacancy centre in diamond.
Universal control and error correction in multi-qubit spin registers in diamond.
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Quantum error correction in a solid-state hybrid spin register
It is demonstrated that joint initialization, projective readout and fast local and non-local gate operations can all be achieved in diamond spin systems, even under ambient conditions, paving the way to large-scale quantum computation.
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High-fidelity control of a solid-state qubit is demonstrated, which preserves its polarization for several minutes and features coherence lifetimes exceeding 1 second at room temperature, and may allow for new applications in quantum information science.
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Optimal control of a prototype spin qubit system consisting of two proximal nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond is experimentally demonstrated, and nuclear spin entanglement over a length scale of 25 nm is demonstrated.
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This work identifies and characterize the positively charged NV center as an electron-spin-less and optically inactive state by utilizing the nuclear spin qubit as a probe and achieves a lengthening of the nuclearspin coherence times by a factor of 4.
Noise-resilient quantum evolution steered by dynamical decoupling
This work designs and implements a self-protected controlled-NOT gate on the electron spin of a nitrogen-vacancy centre and a nearby carbon-13 nuclear spin in diamond at room temperature by employing an engineered dynamical decoupling control on the electrons.