Optimisation in a natural system: Argentine ants solve the Towers of Hanoi

  title={Optimisation in a natural system: Argentine ants solve the Towers of Hanoi},
  author={Chris R. Reid and D. Sumpter and M. Beekman},
  journal={Journal of Experimental Biology},
  pages={50 - 58}
  • Chris R. Reid, D. Sumpter, M. Beekman
  • Published 2011
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Experimental Biology
  • SUMMARY Natural systems are a source of inspiration for computer algorithms designed to solve optimisation problems. Yet most ‘nature-inspired’ algorithms take only superficial inspiration from biology, and little is known about how real biological systems solve difficult problems. Moreover, ant algorithms, neural networks and similar methods are usually applied to static problems, whereas most biological systems have evolved to perform under dynamically changing conditions. We used the Towers… CONTINUE READING
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