Optimal selection of components value for analog active filter design using simplex particle swarm optimization

  title={Optimal selection of components value for analog active filter design using simplex particle swarm optimization},
  author={Bishnu Prasad De and Rajib Kar and Durbadal Mandal and Sakti Prasad Ghoshal},
  journal={International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics},
  • B. P. De, R. Kar, S. Ghoshal
  • Published 1 August 2015
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics
The simplex particle swarm optimization (Simplex-PSO) is a swarm intelligent based evolutionary computation method. Simplex-PSO is the hybridization of Nedler–Mead simplex method and particle swarm optimization (PSO) without the velocity term. The Simplex-PSO has fast optimizing capability and high computational precision for high-dimensionality functions. In this paper, Simplex-PSO is employed for selection of optimal discrete component values such as resistors and capacitors for fourth order… 
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The results obtained using simplex-PSO proves that the performance is better than the previously reported techniques for MOS area, gain, power dissipation etc.
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Four different metaheuristic algorithms, namely backtracking search, grey wolf optimizer, lightning search and multi-verse optimizer algorithms, have been applied for optimization of the analog filter group delay to determine the optimal parameters of the optimized filters.
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  • M. Lovay, E. Romero, G. Peretti
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields
  • 2018
A design methodology for discrete active RC biquadratic filters based on genetic algorithm (GA) that overcomes the problem of low gain values observed in some of the solutions given by other authors and is well suited for the design of active filters.
The stingless bee algorithm (SBA) is considered to enrich swarm intelligence algorithm varieties from bee colonies, to explore the distinct foraging behaviors of stingless bees into search-based algorithm, and to know the capability of the SBA in numerical optimization problems.


A novel particle swarm optimizer without velocity: Simplex-PSO
It is confirmed that simplex-PSO-t can optimize high-dimension functions with 200-dimensionality and compared PSO with chaos PSO (CPSO), the best optimum index increases by a factor of 1×102–1×104.
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The practical suitability of PSO to solve both mono-objective and multiobjective discrete optimization problems and the aptness ofPSO to optimize difficult circuit problems, in terms of numbers of parameters and constraints is shown.
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The performances of genetic algorithm, artificial bee colony optimization, and particle swarm optimization, which are nature-inspired EA techniques, are evaluated for active filter design.
A New Mutated Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimizer for Digital IIR Filter Design
Experimental results on three examples show that QPSO and MuQPSO are superior to genetic algorithm (GA), differential evolution (DE) algorithm, and PSO algorithm in quality, convergence speed, and robustness.
An Adaptive Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for IIR Digital Filter
  • Xia Yu, Jianchang Liu, Hong-ru Li
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    2009 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence
  • 2009
The novel algorithm was well used in designing adaptive IIR digital filter about unknown system identification, and simulation results shown that the filter had more enhanced performance characteristics using the AIW-PSO algorithm and the complexity in calculation were improved greatly.
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The aim of the present research is to develop a new optimization approach and then to apply it in the solution of optimization problems in both the design and manufacturing areas.
Optimal Components Selection for Analog Active Filters Using Clonal Selection Algorithms
Clonal Selection Algorithms is applied into searching optimal components for 4th order Butterworth filter design and results demonstrate that the proposed method is much superior to the conventional means.
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Three algorithms, based on the simple evolutionary equations and the extrenum disturbed arithmetic operators, are proposed to overcome the demerits of the bPSO and improve the practicality of the particle swarm optimization.