Optimal riser design method based on geometric reasoning method and fruit fly optimization algorithm in CAD

  title={Optimal riser design method based on geometric reasoning method and fruit fly optimization algorithm in CAD},
  author={Tong Wang and Yajun Yin and Jianxin Zhou and Xu Shen and Min Zhong Wang},
  journal={The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology},
  • Tong Wang, Yajun Yin, +2 authors M. Wang
  • Published 17 January 2018
  • Computer Science
  • The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
With the continuous development and improvement of computer simulation technology, computer simulation analysis has become an important means for judging the feasibility of casting process design. But computer consumption is also gradually increasing due to the more complex castings, the huge computation quantity and the long cycle of casting process design. Therefore, in order to reduce the computer consumption, a new method for optimal riser design based on geometric reasoning method and… Expand
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