Optimal protocol for a collective flashing ratchet

  title={Optimal protocol for a collective flashing ratchet},
  author={Francesc Wilhelmi Roca and Juan P. G. Villaluenga and Luis Dinis},
  journal={arXiv: Statistical Mechanics},
We study a system of independent Brownian particles in a flashing ratchet potential that can be turned on or off depending on the position of the particles, with the aim of maximising the speed of the center of mass in the long run. First, an explanation on how to find the optimal protocol using Bellman's principle of optimality for any number of particles is given. Then the problem is numerically solved for a system of 2 particles. Simulations show that the optimal protocol performs better… 
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Deep Reinforcement Learning for Feedback Control in a Collective Flashing Ratchet
This work uses deep reinforcement learning (RL) to find optimal policies for maximizing the current of Brownian particles in a collective flashing ratchet system, with results showing that policies built with a suitable neural network architecture outperform the previous policies.


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Multivariable Control Theory Stevenage, England
  • Peter Peregrinus
  • 1976