Optimal pattern generator for dynamic walking in humanoid robotics

  title={Optimal pattern generator for dynamic walking in humanoid robotics},
  author={David Galdeano and Ahmed Chemori and S{\'e}bastien Krut and Philippe Fraisse},
  journal={10th International Multi-Conferences on Systems, Signals & Devices 2013 (SSD13)},
This paper deals with an optimal ZMP based pattern generator for stable dynamic walking. The proposed method is based on a Three-Mass Linear Inverted Pendulum Model (3MLIPM), used as a simplified dynamics of the biped robot. The 3MLIPM simplifies the biped robot as a three point masses and two-link system. A ZMP based criterion is then used in an optimization problem whose solution gives the best values of the model's parameters w.r.t. dynamic walking stability. Numerical simulations are… CONTINUE READING


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