Optimal nonlinear filtering in GPS/INS integration

  title={Optimal nonlinear filtering in GPS/INS integration},
  author={H. Carvalho and Pierre Del Moral and Andr{\'e} Monin and G{\'e}rard Salut},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems},
The application of optimal nonlinear/non-Gaussian filtering to the problem of INS/GPS integration in critical situations is described. This approach is made possible by a new technique called particle filtering, and exhibits superior performance when compared with classical suboptimal techniques such as extended Kalman filtering. Particle filtering theory is introduced and GPS/INS integration simulation results are discussed. 

Approximate nonlinear filtering and its applications for GPS

In simulation results, a new particle filtering algorithm is introduced that can reduce the computational complexity for a certain class of problems when the conditional density of the state of the system given the observations is close to a known exponential family of densities.

Nonlinear Filtering Methods in INS/GPS Alignment

A new method for land-vehicle In-Motion Alignment by integrating Inertial Navigation System (INS) and the transfer Dif-ferential GPS (DGPS) and to develop the navigation system that does not re-quire initial attitudes information of the vehicle by applying recursive nonlinear filterling techniques.

Non-linear filtering for land vehicle navigation with GPS outage

A global estimation method which uses the available GPS signal with partial GPS outage to solve the estimation problem of odometer and pseudo-range measures that contain the location parameters of the vehicle.

Performance Improvement of Azimuth Estimation in Low Cost MEMS IMU based INS/GPS Integrated Navigation System

Kalman filter is generally used in INS/GPS integrated navigation filter. However, the INS with low performance inertia sensor can not find accurate azimuth in initial alignment stage because sensor

Decentralized Filters for the Formation Flight

Decentralized filtering for a formation flight instrumentation system by INS/GPS integration is considered in this paper. An elaborate tuning method of the measurement noise covariance is suggested

Integration of GPS/INS Navigation System with Application of Fuzzy Corrections

The integration of GPS/ INS based on Artificial Intelligence is presented and the proposed fuzzy system is made to obtain the corrected navigation data.

An improved particle filter and its application to an INS/GPS integrated navigation system in a serious noisy scenario

Simulations and practical experiments both show that the proposed IPF can effectively solve the mismatch between the importance function and the likelihood function of a BPF and compensate the accumulated errors of INSs very well.

A Particle Filtering Approach to Change Detection for Nonlinear Systems

A change detection method for nonlinear stochastic systems based on particle filtering that can be calculated recursively while the computational complexity of the method remains constant with respect to time.



The GPS filtering problem

  • J. ChaffeeJ. Abel
  • Mathematics
    IEEE PLANS 92 Position Location and Navigation Symposium Record
  • 1992
The authors explore the possibility of both improved navigation accuracy and computational simplification by using nonlinear filters based on direct solutions to the GPS (Global Positioning System)

Novel approach to nonlinear/non-Gaussian Bayesian state estimation

An algorithm, the bootstrap filter, is proposed for implementing recursive Bayesian filters, represented as a set of random samples, which are updated and propagated by the algorithm.

Multiconfiguration Kalman filter design for high-performance GPS navigation

This paper describes the design, implementation, and performance of a real-time multiconfiguration Kalman filter for high-performance Navstar global positioning system (GPS) navigation. The design

Autonomous GPS/INS navigation experiment for space transfer vehicle

An experiment is described to validate the concept of developing an autonomous integrated spacecraft navigation system using onboard Global Positioning System (GPS) and inertial navigation system

Application of Kalman filtering to the calibration and alignment of inertial navigation systems

Problem areas and practical solutions in the development of large-dimension Kalman filters for the calibration and alignment of complex inertial guidance systems are discussed and a technique for generating parameter excitation trajectories which provides observability of instrument parameters has been developed by maximizing the information matrix.

Achieving modularity with tightly-coupled GPS/INS

  • D. T. Knight
  • Computer Science
    IEEE PLANS 92 Position Location and Navigation Symposium Record
  • 1992
The author deals primarily with low-cost applications such as remotely piloted vehicles and tactical munitions where tight coupling and modularity are especially valuable.

A Low-Cost GPS Receiver for Land Navigation

This paper describes an experimental single channel GPS sequential receiver based on L1/C/A code for land navigation and feels that it has proven the feasibility of land navigation with a low-cost GPS receiver.

Integration of GPS and Strapdown Inertial Subsystems into a Single Unit

Using this approach, a properly designed slow-sequencing, single-channel receiver, married to a low-cost strapdown inertial unit, provides satellite tracking during 10-g acceleration, very high jamming suppression, improved strap down inertial outputs, and improved GPS navigation accuracy.

Inertial navigation systems analysis

This book offers a guide for avionics system engineers who want to compare the performance of the various types of inertial navigation systems. The author emphasizes systems used on or near the

An Introduction to Signal Detection and Estimation

  • H. Poor
  • Computer Science
    Springer Texts in Electrical Engineering
  • 1994
Signal Detection in Discrete Time and Signal Estimation in Continuous Time: Elements of Hypothesis Testing and Elements of Parameter Estimation.