Optimal investment paths for future renewable based energy systems—Using the optimisation model Balmorel

  title={Optimal investment paths for future renewable based energy systems—Using the optimisation model Balmorel},
  author={Kenneth Karlsson and Peter Meibom},
  journal={International Journal of Hydrogen Energy},
  • K. KarlssonP. Meibom
  • Published 1 April 2008
  • Environmental Science, Engineering
  • International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Managing Temporary Oversupply from Renewables Eciently: Electricity Storage Versus Energy Sector Coupling in Germany

An increasing share of electricity from wind and solar PV, the variable renewable energies (VREs), will lead to significant temporary electricity surpluses in Germany in the future. Commonly

Optimal development of the future Danish energy system – insights from TIMES-DTU model

After a long period of transition, Danish energy system is half-way towards completely renewable in 2050. Drastic changes happened in the last forty years – the imported oil has been replaced by a

Modelling of electricity savings in the Danish households sector: from the energy system to the end-user

In this paper, we examine the value of investing in energy-efficient household appliances from both an energy system and end-user perspectives. We consider a set of appliance categories constituting

De-carbonization of Electricity Generation in an Oil and Gas Producing Country: A Sensitivity Analysis over the Power Sector in Egypt

Fossil fuels are used in power generation in oil and gas producing countries due to the resource availability. However, the growing electricity demand, the potential exports revenues associated to

Comparative analyses of seven technologies to facilitate the integration of fluctuating renewable energy sources

An analysis of seven different technologies is presented. The technologies integrate fluctuating renewable energy sources (RES) such as wind power production into the electricity supply, and the



World Energy Outlook 2006

  • Aie
  • Economics
  • 2006
The International Energy Agency's authoritative annual global energy projections. This 2009 edition analyses what the economic crisis will mean for energy markets and how the transition to a clean

Optimal investment paths for future renewable based energy systems - Using the optimisation model Balmorel

  • International Journal of Hydrogen Energy .
  • 2008