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Optimal densities of packings consisting of highly unequal objects

  title={Optimal densities of packings consisting of highly unequal objects},
  author={David de Laat},
  journal={arXiv: Metric Geometry},
  • David de Laat
  • Published 3 March 2016
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Metric Geometry
Let $\Delta$ be the optimal packing density of $\mathbb R^n$ by unit balls. We show the optimal packing density using two sizes of balls approaches $\Delta + (1 - \Delta) \Delta$ as the ratio of the radii tends to infinity. More generally, if $B$ is a body and $D$ is a finite set of bodies, then the optimal density $\Delta_{\{rB\} \cup D}$ of packings consisting of congruent copies of the bodies from $\{rB\} \cup D$ converges to $\Delta_D + (1 - \Delta_D) \Delta_{\{B\}}$ as $r$ tends to zero. 

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A primal-dual interior point method specialized to clustered low-rank semidefinite programs, which arise from multivariate polynomial (matrix) programs through sums-of-squares characterizations and sampling, which allows for the computation of improved kissing number bounds in dimensions 11 through 23.



Upper bounds for packings of spheres of several radii

Abstract We give theorems that can be used to upper bound the densities of packings of different spherical caps in the unit sphere and of translates of different convex bodies in Euclidean space.

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The study presented in the current work is aimed to approach effective electrical conductivity of various random heterogeneous materials by describing a type of modern material with specific morphology, followed by discoveries in the electrical field properties.

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Motivation and overview * PART I Microstructural characterization * Microstructural descriptors * Statistical mechanics of particle systems * Unified approach * Monodisperse spheres * Polydisperse

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Densest binary sphere packings.

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