Optimal conditions for the enzymatic determination of L-lactic acid.

  title={Optimal conditions for the enzymatic determination of L-lactic acid.},
  author={Greg Olson},
  journal={Clinical chemistry},
Optimal Conditions for the Enzymatic Determination of L-Lactic Acid G. F. Olson 1 Lactic Dehydrogenase in the Serum of Newborn Infants with Jaundice Augusta B. McCoord, Dorothy H. Jameson, and Viola ft. Daugherty 11 X-Ray Speetroscopy in the Clinical Laboratory: VI. Acid-labile protein-hound iodine Samuel Natelson and Bertrum Sheid 17 Interference-free Flame Photometry of Calcium in Serum and Urine Ralph E. Thiers and Kirsten Hriid 35 A Comparison of Methods for Determining Catechol Ainines and… CONTINUE READING
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