Optimal Tweakable Blockcipher Based on Dual MISTY-Type Structure


In this paper, on the basis of four round Dual MISTY-Type transformations, we give a method to solve an open problem about tweakable blockcipher proposed by Liskov et al. The problem is how to construct tweakable blockciphers without using a pre-existing blockcipher. We show that tweakable blockcipher can be created directly from dual MISTY-Type structure. Concretely, we built and analyze an optimal four round tweakable dual MISTY-Type transformation which use the XOR-universal permutation to replace some round pseudo random permutation and reduce the number of the pseudorandom permutation by using some permutation repeatedly.

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@article{Wen2010OptimalTB, title={Optimal Tweakable Blockcipher Based on Dual MISTY-Type Structure}, author={Fengtong Wen and Lizi Yin}, journal={2010 Second International Conference on Future Networks}, year={2010}, pages={39-41} }