Optimal Switch Placement in Radial Distribution System Using GA and PSO


Distribution Reliability worth assessment is currently receiving considerable attention as it provides the opportunity to incorporate the cost or losses incurred by utility customers as a result of Power failure in the overall analysis of system costs & benefits. Distribution system reliability has acquired importance in these days, because the distribution system performance can directly affect the customers. Reliability evaluation of distribution system assesses the adequacy of the load point in regard to provide a suitable supply to the customers. The distribution system reliability mainly deals with the interruption frequency and interruption duration of customers. If these values are large, the reliability of system is poor. In this paper, the reliability of the distribution network is evaluated for 13 Bus system in`a radial distribution system, considering no alternate supply. Genetic algorithms (GA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) are the most famous optimization techniques among various modern heuristic optimization techniques. These two approaches identify the solution to a given objective function, but they employ different strategies and computational effort. This paper presents the application of the PSO and GA optimization techniques for optimal switch placement in distribution system. The design objective is to enhance distribution system reliability. . Index Terms :Distribution system,Radial Feeders , Reliability Particle swarm optimization, Genetic algorithm, Reliability, switch placement.

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