Optimal Stackelberg strategies for financing a supply chain through online peer-to-peer lending

  title={Optimal Stackelberg strategies for financing a supply chain through online peer-to-peer lending},
  author={Guang-Xin Gao and Zhi-Ping Fan and Xin Fang and Yun Fong Lim},
  journal={Eur. J. Oper. Res.},
Abstract In recent years, supply chain finance (SCF) through online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms has gained its popularity. We study an SCF system with a manufacturer selling a product to a retailer that faces uncertain demand over a single period. We assume that either the retailer or the manufacturer faces a capital constraint and must borrow capital through an online P2P lending platform. The platform determines a service rate for the loan, the manufacturer sets a wholesale price for… Expand
Coordinating the supply chain finance system with buyback contract: A capital-constrained newsvendor problem
It is found that a buyback contract combined with a wholesale price contract fully coordinates the overall SCF system, and all the SCF members benefit from the coordination as long as the buyback price coefficient falls within a favorable range known as the “Pareto Zone”. Expand
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Strategic dual-channel pricing games with e-retailer finance
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Capital-constrained bi-objective newsvendor model with risk-averse preference and bankruptcy threshold
This study shows that a poor retailer with a high Expected Terminal Wealth Target Threshold (ETWTT) would ignore bankruptcy risk and order more, whereas a rich retailer is relatively conservative, and reveals that in some cases, the optimal order quantity and performance of decentralized system could be both improved and the centralized system can always get more profit than the decentralized one. Expand
Optimal operational strategies of capital-constrained supply chain with logistics service and price dependent demand under 3PL financing service
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Working capital optimization in a supply chain perspective
This paper proposes the supply chain-oriented solution of working capital management, which shows that the payment period should be maximized when the retailer's discount rate is higher than the supplier's and vice versa, regardless of the cooperation levels. Expand
Optimal operational strategies of supply chain under financing service by a 3PL firm
It is found that under 3PL financing service, the profit of supply chain can achieve Pareto improvement, and the wholesale price contract may realise profit maximisation and channel coordination in the supply chain system under certain condition. Expand
Credit guarantee types for financing retailers through online peer-to-peer lending: Equilibrium and coordinating strategy
  • Chengfu Wang, Xiangfeng Chen, Wei Jin, Xiaojun Fan
  • Business
  • 2021
Abstract This study investigates the role of a credit guarantee company and a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform in the financing business of a capital-constrained retailer who faces uncertainExpand
E-commerce supply chains under capital constraints
It is highly advantageous to relieve capital constraints when the manufacturer and the platform share the service cost and theplatform implements a loan strategy, and the effective range of a flexible loan rate which is conducive to the operation of the e-commerce platform is obtained. Expand


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