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Optimal Routing In Ad-Hoc Network Using Genetic Algorithm

  title={Optimal Routing In Ad-Hoc Network Using Genetic Algorithm},
  author={Ahmed Madha Mohammed},
-------------------------------------------------------------------ABSTRACT-----------------------------------------------------------------An ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile hosts forming a temporary network without the aid of any centralized administration or standard support services. The topology of the ad hoc network may change rapidly and unexpectedly. One of the most problems encountered in these networks, is finding the shortest path (SP) between source and destination… Expand
Minimized Routing Protocol in Ad-Hoc Network with Quality Maintenance Based on Genetic Algorithm: A Survey
Mobile ad-hoc network networks are self-organizing network having a concise radio range and limited bandwidth without having the any specified infrastructure. The topology of the ad hoc network mayExpand
Optimal Path Selection in Ad Hoc (MANET) by Using Genetic Fuzzy Petri Net
A mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET) is a dynamic multi hop infrastructure less wireless network established by a group of mobility nodes in which there is no central administration. Due to the absence ofExpand
Design of a Double-objective QoS Routing in Dynamic Wireless Networks using Evolutionary Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
The main goal of this work is to solve the problem of route optimization between the sender and receiver in a dynamic mobile wireless networks, and formulating the multi objective QoS measures in such dynamic environment as a multi- objective optimization using weighted sum approach. Expand
Application of an Evolutionary Optimization Technique to Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks
The results show that the proposed AGA for solving the shortest path routing problem is presented to find the shortest route in a mobile wireless networks to satisfy the minimum end-to-end delay quality of service (QoS). Expand
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and It’s Routing Protocols
A new routing scheme developed by the use of evolutionary algorithms (EA) and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) which will be used for getting the optimized output of MANET is introduced. Expand
An Approach to DSRRouting QOS by Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithms[
The improvements on routing QoS are approached by using Genetic and Fuzzy algorithms in this project and the suggested protocol uses route error packets’ count and also Triangle Numbers to change route update period time. Expand
Research on Innovating, Evaluating and Applying Multicast Routing Technique and Genetic Algorithm for Routing Messages in Service - Oriented Routing
Service Oriented Routing is inherited from the model of content based routing (CBR), combined with several advanced techniques such as Multicast, Genetic algorithm (GA), increase the data rate, and data encryption to ensure information security. Expand
Enhanced Optimal Energy-Aware Multipath Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Network Using Genetics Algorithm
Mobile Ad hoc Wireless Network is a collection of wireless mobile node forming a temporary network without the support of any predefined infrastructure using the unlicensed radio spectrum frequencyExpand
Building Multile Multicast Trees with Guarranteed QOS for Service Based Routing Using Artificial Algorithms
This paper introduces a technique that is extended from multicast technique with multiple multicast trees that are conformed quality of service routing, based on Greedy, Ant Colony Optimization, and fuzzy logic to get optimal routes to transmit data from one source to multiple destination node very effectively. Expand
Research on Applying Hierachical Clustered Based Routing Technique Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Quality of Service of Service Based Routing
A hierarchical clustered based routing using R^+Tree is mentioned, which has been used in many fields effectively and efficiently such as Google Map, Forwarding technique, computer virtual memory. Expand


Genetic Algorithms With Immigrants and Memory Schemes for Dynamic Shortest Path Routing Problems in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
The experimental results show that these immigrants and memory-based GAs can quickly adapt to environmental changes and produce high-quality solutions after each change and this paper considers MANETs as target systems because they represent new-generation wireless networks. Expand
Genetic algorithms with elitism-based immigrants for dynamic shortest path problem in mobile ad hoc networks
This paper proposes to use elitism-based immigrants GA (EIGA) to solve the dynamic SP problem in MANETs, and shows that the EIGA can quickly adapt to the environmental changes and produce good solutions after each change. Expand
Network Routing Protocol using Genetic Algorithms
The developed genetic algorithm is compared with Dijkstra's algorithm to solve routing problem and the results affirmed the potential of the proposed genetic algorithm. Expand
A genetic algorithm for shortest path routing problem and the sizing of populations
A population-sizing equation based on the gambler ruin model that can be used for determining an adequate population size in the shortest path (SP) routing problem and exhibits a much better quality of solution and a much higher rate of convergence than other algorithms. Expand
Adaptation in natural and artificial systems
Names of founding work in the area of Adaptation and modiication, which aims to mimic biological optimization, and some (Non-GA) branches of AI. Expand
Genetic Algorithms in Search Optimization and Machine Learning
This book brings together the computer techniques, mathematical tools, and research results that will enable both students and practitioners to apply genetic algorithms to problems in many fields. Expand
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