Optimal Pilot Sequence Design for Multi-Cell MIMO-OFDM Systems

  title={Optimal Pilot Sequence Design for Multi-Cell MIMO-OFDM Systems},
  author={Jae Won Kang and Younghoon Whang and Hyung Yeol Lee and Kwang Soon Kim},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications},
In this paper, optimal pilot sequence designs for MIMO-OFDM systems in multi-cell environments are provided. The proposed multi-cell optimality criterion is to minimize the worst-case MSE of an LS-based channel estimator. To satisfy the multi-cell optimality, it is found that the pilot sequence set, having the perfect auto-correlation property, should meet the Welch bound and the maximum magnitude of the cross-correlation function should be further minimized. Multi-cell optimal pilot sequence… CONTINUE READING
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