Optimal Parallel Algorithms for Path Problems on Planar Graphs

  title={Optimal Parallel Algorithms for Path Problems on Planar Graphs},
  author={G. Srikrishna and C. Pandu Rangan},
  journal={Theor. Comput. Sci.},
Given a biconnected planar graph G and a pair of vertices s and t, the two disjoint problem asks to find a pair of internally disjoint paths from s to t. We present a simple and efficient parallel algorithm for the same. Our algorithm uses the notion of bridges in a novel way and this results in a more elegant and simple algorithm than the existing one. The all-bidirectionaledges (ABE) problem is to find an edge labeling such that an edge (u, u) in E is labeled (u, u) or (v, u) or both… CONTINUE READING

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