Optimal Order of One-Point and Multipoint Iteration

  title={Optimal Order of One-Point and Multipoint Iteration},
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The problem is to calculate a simple zero of a nonlinear function ƒ by iteration. There is exhibited a family of iterations of order 2<supscrpt><italic>n</italic>-1</supscrpt> which use <italic>n</italic> evaluations of ƒ and no derivative evaluations, as well as a second family of iterations of order 2<supscrpt><italic>n</italic>-1</supscrpt> based on <italic>n</italic> — 1 evaluations of ƒ and one of ƒ′. In particular, with four evaluations an iteration of eighth order is constructed. The… Expand
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Some multipoint iterative methods without memory, for approximating simple zeros of functions of one variable, are described. For m > 0, n g 0, and k satisfying m + 1 g k > 0, there exist methodsExpand
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Letf0(x) be a function of one variable with a simple zero atr0. An iteration scheme is said to be locally convergent if, for some initial approximationsx1, ...,xs nearr0 and all functionsf which areExpand
On functional iteration and the calculation of roots
  • J. Traub
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This paper has the dual objectives of setting theoretical limits to the rates of convergence of iteration processes towards the zeros of a function when the values of the function and its derivatives are available and suggesting new families of computationally effective iteration formulas. Expand
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Computational Complexity of Iterative Processes
  • J. Traub
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Optimal order for iterations using two evaluations
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