Optimal Multi-Object Segmentation with Novel Gradient Vector Flow Based Shape Priors

  title={Optimal Multi-Object Segmentation with Novel Gradient Vector Flow Based Shape Priors},
  author={Junjie Bai and Abhay Shah and Xiaodong Wu},
  journal={Computerized medical imaging and graphics : the official journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society},
  • Junjie Bai, Abhay Shah, Xiaodong Wu
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Computerized medical imaging and graphics : the official journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society
Shape priors have been widely utilized in medical image segmentation to improve segmentation accuracy and robustness. [...] Key Method The flexible and powerful prior shape representation is ready to be extended to simultaneously segmenting multiple interacting objects with minimum separation distance constraint.Expand
Multi-object Graph-based Segmentation with Non-overlapping Surfaces
This paper presents an extension to graph cut based methods which can provide a globally optimal segmentation of thousands of objects while guaranteeing no overlap and shows both quantitative and qualitative improvements. Expand
Coupled s-excess HMM for vessel border tracking and segmentation.
A novel image segmentation technique, based on hidden Markov model (HMM), which is applied to simultaneously segment interior and exterior walls of fluorescent confocal images of lymphatic vessels and is compared to the Viterbi and Baum-Welch algorithms. Expand
A hybrid level set model for image segmentation
An active contour model with global and local image information is proposed that is insensitive to the initial contour position, and has higher precision and speed. Expand
Level set formulation for automatic medical image segmentation based on fuzzy clustering
An automatic segmentation method was proposed in this paper, which integrates fuzzy clustering with level set method through a dynamic constrained term in the new energy functional, which eliminates the manual operation a lot and leads to more robust segmentation results. Expand
Efficient hierarchical layered graph approach for multi-region segmentation
This work proposes a novel efficient seed-based method for the multiple object segmentation of images based on graphs, named Hierarchical Layered Oriented Image Foresting Transform (HLOIFT), which uses a tree of the relations between the image objects, being each object represented by a node. Expand


Shape prior segmentation of multiple objects with graph cuts
  • N. Vu, B. S. Manjunath
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2008 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • 2008
A major advantage of this approach is that the segmentation energy is minimized directly without having to compute its gradient, which can be a cumbersome task and often relies on approximations. Expand
Optimal Graph Search Segmentation Using Arc-Weighted Graph for Simultaneous Surface Detection of Bladder and Prostate
This method is the first attempt to introduce the arc-weighted graph representation into the graph-searching approach for simultaneous segmentation of multiple partially interacting objects, which admits a globally optimal solution in a low-order polynomial time. Expand
Star Shape Prior for Graph-Cut Image Segmentation
This paper shows how to implement a star shape prior into graph cut segmentation, a generic shape prior that applies to a wide class of objects, in particular to convex objects, and shows that in many cases, it can achieve an accurate object segmentation with only a single pixel, the center of the object, provided by the user, which is rarely possible with standard graph cut interactive segmentation. Expand
Optimal Surface Segmentation in Volumetric Images-A Graph-Theoretic Approach
An optimal surface detection method capable of simultaneously detecting multiple interacting surfaces, in which the optimality is controlled by the cost functions designed for individual surfaces and by several geometric constraints defining the surface smoothness and interrelations is developed. Expand
Graph Search with Appearance and Shape Information for 3-D Prostate and Bladder Segmentation
Both qualitative and quantitative results on prostate and bladder segmentation were promising, proving the power of the algorithm. Expand
Graph-based optimal multi-surface segmentation with a star-shaped prior: Application to the segmentation of the optic disc and cup
A novel graph-based optimal segmentation method which can simultaneously segment multiple star-shaped surfaces is presented, and the result shows improved accuracy by applying the proposed method (versus using a classification-based approach). Expand
Bayesian Segmentation of Atrium Wall Using Globally-Optimal Graph Cuts on 3D Meshes
A surface-detection method capable of extracting the atrial wall by computing an optimal a-posteriori estimate on a set of nested meshes, constructed from an ensemble of segmented training images, and graph cuts on an associated multi-column, proper-ordered graph. Expand
Shape Constrained Deformable Models for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
This work presents an approach which embeds an active shape model into an elastically deformable surface model, and combines the advantages of both approaches, and leads reliably to a very good overall segmentation. Expand
A non-self-intersecting adaptive deformable surface for complex boundary extraction from volumetric images
The proposed deformable surface model is more efficient, much less sensitive to initialization and spurious image features, more proficient in extracting boundary concavities, and not susceptible to self-intersections compared to most other models of its type. Expand
Globally optimal segmentation of multi-region objects
This work shows how to encode geometric interactions between distinct region+boundary models, such as regions being interior/exterior to each other along with preferred distances between their boundaries, and applications in medical segmentation and scene layout estimation. Expand