Optimal MIMO UWB-IR Transceiver for Nakagami-fading and Poisson-Arrivals

  title={Optimal MIMO UWB-IR Transceiver for Nakagami-fading and Poisson-Arrivals},
  author={Enzo Baccarelli and Mauro Biagi and Cristian Pelizzoni and Nicola Cordeschi},
In this contribution, we develop a (novel) family of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) UWB Impulse-Radio (UWB-IR) transceivers for Orthogonal PPMmodulated (OPPM) coded transmissions over (baseband) multipath-faded MIMO channels. To by-pass expensive channel-estimation procedures, the MIMO channel pathgains are assumed to befully unknown at the receiver. Thus, according to the UWB-IR statistical channel-models currently reported in the literature for both indoor/outdoor application scenarios… CONTINUE READING