Optimal Lower Bounds for Distributed and Streaming Spanning Forest Computation

  title={Optimal Lower Bounds for Distributed and Streaming Spanning Forest Computation},
  author={Jelani Nelson and Huacheng Yu},
  • Jelani Nelson, Huacheng Yu
  • Published in
    Electronic Colloquium on…
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
  • We show optimal lower bounds for spanning forest computation in two different models: * One wants a data structure for fully dynamic spanning forest in which updates can insert or delete edges amongst a base set of $n$ vertices. The sole allowed query asks for a spanning forest, which the data structure should successfully answer with some given (potentially small) constant probability $\epsilon>0$. We prove that any such data structure must use $\Omega(n\log^3 n)$ bits of memory. * There is… CONTINUE READING

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