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Optimal Control for the Quantum Simulation of Nuclear Dynamics

  title={Optimal Control for the Quantum Simulation of Nuclear Dynamics},
  author={Eric T. Holland and Kyle A. Wendt and Konstantinos Kravvaris and Xian Wu and W. Erich Ormand and Jonathan Dubois and Sofia Quaglioni and Francesco Pederiva},
  • Eric T. Holland, Kyle A. Wendt, +5 authors Francesco Pederiva
  • Published 2019
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • We propose a method for enacting the unitary time propagation of two interacting neutrons at leading order of chiral effective field theory by efficiently encoding the nuclear dynamics into a single multi-level quantum device. The emulated output of the quantum simulation shows that, by applying a single gate that draws on the underlying characteristics of the device, it is possible to observe multiple cycles of the nucleons' dynamics before the onset of decoherence. Owing to the signal's… CONTINUE READING

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