Optically triggered Q-switched photonic crystal laser.

  title={Optically triggered Q-switched photonic crystal laser.},
  author={Brett M. Maune and Jeremy Witzens and Thomas Baehr-Jones and Michael H Kolodrubetz and Harry A. Atwater and Axel Scherer and Rainer Hagen and Yueming Qiu},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={13 12},
An optically triggered liquid crystal infiltrated Q-switched photonic crystal laser is demonstrated. A photonic crystal laser cavity was designed and fabricated to support two orthogonally polarized high-Q cavity modes after liquid crystal infiltration. By controlling the liquid crystal orientation via a layer of photoaddressable polymer and a writing laser, the photonic crystal lasing mode can be reversibly switched between the two modes which also switches the laser's emission polarization… CONTINUE READING
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